Replenish…what a satisfying word just in itself.

When you say that word “Replenish” it automatically has a positive influence. It’s a word with good vibes.

This was the word that the Holy Spirit prompted to me when I was praying with fellow UK Christian Bloggers on Thursday night. I used that word Replenish as the basis for my prayers for us all.

Since then the Lord has kept bringing me back to this word “Re-Plenish” so I wanted to have a bit more of a look into the meaning of the word and also understand more what the Lord is speaking through this word.

Replenish definitions are:

1. To fill something back up again;

2. To restore something (stock or supply) to its former condition;

3. To make full or complete again by supplying what has been used up or is lacking;

4. To put fresh fuel on a fire; and

5. To inspire or nourish.

A similar word would be “top up”.

My husband’s parents used to have a drinks party for their friends and neighbours each Christmas. One year they asked my twin nephews who were about 8 at the time to be the “drinks waiters” and to refill the guests glasses. Young Jack took this job very seriously and you could continually hear this young voice moving around the guests asking them in a loud and sometimes assertive voice if they wanted a “top up”. Most would have a “top up” whether they wanted it or not.

Plein in French means full. In Latin the word is “Plenus”. There is a sense then that what was once full is depleted and needs to be replenished. Does this speak to you because it speaks to me. I know areas of my life that are depleted/used up and need to be replenished.

Do you also need a top up today? It might be a top up of spiritual refreshment through fellowship with the Lord in His Word, through prayer, a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, fellowship with other believers…there are many more we could list.

It might be a top up of other resources which have become depleted. Is your store cupboard or finances in need of replenishing.

Here is a promise from the Lord

For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.” Jeremiah 31:25

I know there is more to come with this…..look forward to your comments. Have a blessed day.


Testimony Tuesday

Morning all, I’ve been reminded and encouraged from reading recent posts by other Christian Bloggers of the power of our testimonies so I thought today I would join in #TestimonyTuesday. I’m hoping some of the friends I’ve made on WordPress will share their testimonies on #TestimonyTuesday too.

This is my testimony of a time when I was not only physically healed by God, but also a testimony of the Lord preparing me for what happened by giving me a Word of Wisdom in advance. The Providence of God.

My healing happened during an Alpha course and to be entirely honest I wasn’t expecting it. For those who are not familiar with Alpha – it is a course for people wanting to find out more about the Christian faith. It wasn’t a healing service and I wasn’t there specifically for healing but the opportunity arose and I responded. It just so happened that one of the leaders on the course also had a healing ministry.

To set the scene, I had been in a car accident a week or two before the meeting. Our car had been written off and I had whiplash and a crushing injury to my chest from the impact and from the air bag which had been inflated in the accident. I was in pain in my neck and chest and having physio as my movement was restricted.

The amazing thing about the car accident was that the Lord had already given me a word of Wisdom from a friend about what to do in such an accident. It was a head on collision but I had remembered my friend explaining to me (she had recently been involved in a bad car accident) that it was better to hit another car head on (the bonnet is longer and designed to take the impact) rather than swerve and then the other car hits your passenger door and badly injures your passenger. This was exactly the situation I found myself in not long after that conversation. God was already ahead of me and preparing me.

I had been driving home after collecting my daughters from school when another car drove across the road at speed straight in front of us. We couldn’t avoid hitting it but instead of following my natural instinct to swerve, I remembered my friend’s advice and told my children to brace for impact and we hit the other car head on. The impact was very severe but fortunately, the front of the car took the brunt of it. The air bags protected us. Although, we were all injured in the accident it could have been a lot worse. I thank the Lord for His protection.

So as I say, I find myself at this meeting and the leader is talking about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and asking if anyone present needs healing. I put my hand up because I was still experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and chest from the impact. The leader laid hands on me and prayed for Jesus to heal me and for all my bones, ligaments and muscles to come into alignment and be healed.

As he prayed for me, I felt my body change and knew instantly that I had been healed. The best way I can describe the feeling is that it felt like someone was inflating a balloon inside my chest. I felt my chest actually expand and the pain in my chest, neck and shoulder instantly disappeared. Praise God it was wonderful and the first time I physically felt the healing power of Jesus for myself in this way.

Praise God that Jesus is our healer and still heals us today. Thank you Lord.

Name above all Names