Be ready for the “Suddenlies”

I believe the Lord is saying get ready for the “Suddenlies”. There will be a sudden shift and the Holy Spirit will come in power and you will experience God move in situations in your life where you have been waiting, perhaps even waiting years, for a breakthrough. It will suddenly come and it will be a clear move of God. You have been prepared in this time of waiting for the “suddenly” in God’s perfect timing.

The Lord reminded me of a similar word He gave me titled “”The Doldrums” which I have copied below and posted the link to the whole blog if you recognise that you are waiting for the “Suddenly.”

This is the part the Lord reminded me about:

“For anyone who may be experiencing a feeling that they are stuck in the doldrums at the moment – where they are seeing a lack of activity, movement or progress in their lives- a feeling of being stuck in the same place. Do not despair, there is hope for you and breakthrough awaits.

In some instances, God’s hand has kept you in that place until His perfect timing and He has worked in you and prepared you so that you are ready for the suddenlies – the wind of God’s Spirit will come suddenly and you will see great acceleration and growth.

There will be a sudden shift. Some people have been waiting for the wind -God’s wind and a fresh breath of the Spirit of God to propel them forward to where they need to be.

I pray that such people will be stirred up in hope and experience a fresh impetus to push forward in God and let Him breathe new life again into their vision.

I hope this word encourages you today and I have posted the link to the original post here The Doldrums-hope to move on

Have a blessed day 😊

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Acceleration and Multiplication

These were the words that I heard in my spirit this week. 

I sensed God saying -Those who know their God will do great and might things.    The first will be last and the last will be first.  

In the spiritual realm there will be big leaps and great progress which will be made by believers in Christ.  

God said -Don’t look just at the physical realm but look into the Spiritual Realm.  If we look at the physical realm/signs only then we will not see clearly.  

Jesus is coming to turn everything upside down just as He did with the money lenders tables in the temple. 

If we rely on worldly things/signs then we will be undone. 

This is about His Kingdom coming – not an earthly kingdom.  It is a different kingdom which Jesus is building and so we need to know our God in these times and discern what He is doing and listen clearly to what He is saying.  

It is Spiritual first and then the impact in the physical will be seen.  

The desert will bloom again as God speaks and breathes new life into those things which appear dead or are dead. 

The young in Christ (new believers) will be invigorated and will run & overtake those who have been in Christ a long time (mature believers).   

The Lord will permit this to provoke those mature believers to jealousy and stir them up again – to reinvigorate them. 

This is a new day.  A new season and a new time in Him.  

This is the day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it for He has made all things for an appointed time and place in Him. 

The first will be last and the last will be first. 

That is God’s kingdom.  

God is raising up nations that are ungodly now but who will be among the first to run towards His throne of grace and mercy.  They will provoke other (Christian) nations to jealousy.   God has a plan.

In the spirit I saw a picture of a jet plane which was flying fast with the assistance of the wind.   It reminded me of the plane which recently broke the record for the fastest transatlantic flight across the Atlantic because it was helped by the recent storm winds.

God is going to accelerate things for believers and be the wind that enables us to do great and mighty things for Him. Amen 🙏

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