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I thought it would be useful to put links on this page to my previous posts on prayer which can be adapted for use in a small teaching environment or for weekly/monthly prayer workshops. I have used them as a teaching tool to run some weekly prayer workshops in the past. The workshops were a relaxed and fun environment to encourage people who were new to prayer/bit nervous about prayer/wanted to pray more or to understand the role of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit, that prayer is a gift and accessible to everyone whether a new believer or mature in the faith. Prayer – Let’s be inspired

These notes can be combined to use as you wish or can be used in these separate sessions.

Week One – Prayer – What’s in a name? Part 1 – This session focuses on the importance of understanding the Character of God when we pray to him. God’s names in the bible reveal aspects of his character. This session explores the themes of knowing/understanding who we are praying to, in whose name we are praying and the authority and position we have in Christ Jesus. It encourages prayerful confession and an example prayer using Psalm 23.

Week Two – Prayer – Prayerful Confession part 2– This session continues the theme of prayerful confession and includes some matters to consider when praying such as attitudes of our heart, using the bible to pray scripture verses, worship, repentance. We look at examples of prayerful confession by King David and Solomon.

Week Three – Prayer – Is God hearing my prayers? – This session starts with the verses in James 5:16 – “the prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective” – it encourages us to ask the Holy Spirit to give us a spiritual MOT before we start to pray so that we know that there is nothing which is stopping our prayers being heard by God.

Week Four – In whose name are we praying? – This session focuses on the supremacy of Jesus Christ. His authority and the position that we as believers have in Him to come boldly to the throne of grace. It encourages confidence and faith. It teaches about our authority in Christ, the power in His name and how to exercise that authority in prayer.

Week Five- Prayer – Our authority in Christ – this session continues the teaching on the authority of Jesus Christ. The position that we have in Christ as believers in Him. It is intended to help us discern when instead of asking God to do things for us, we realise that Christ has already achieved them on the Cross for us, and we exercise our spiritual authority in Christ. It considers the verses in Luke10:19 when Jesus talks about the signs that will accompany those who believe – one of which was casting out demons in His name. It teaches about resisting the devil and attacks of the enemy. It considers the character of Christ and His humility.

Week 6 – Prayer and The Holy Spirit – this session is about the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of truth) and his role in our prayer lives, being baptised in the Holy Spirit and praying in the Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit are discussed and how helpful those are in prayer times – bringing prophetic revelation and insight, words of knowledge and wisdom.

Week 7 – Praying in the Spirit – this continues the previous theme and delves a bit deeper into what it means to pray in the Spirit – Ephesians 6:18 and why it is beneficial and encouraged to pray in the Spirit. We consider the gifts of speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues and testing words.

Week 8 – Intercessory Prayer – a session focussing on intercession for others. It looks at biblical examples of intercession and why intercession for others is important. What Standing in the gap means. We look at examples of intercession in the bible – Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Jesus. It gives some help and prayers to get started in interceding for those who do not know Jesus.

Week 9 – All kinds of prayers introducing –Prevailing Prayer – Don’t give up and Watching and Praying and The Prayer of Agreement-This starts by considering the verse in Ephesians 6:13 which talks of “all kinds of prayers and requests” – we consider what that means and look at those different kinds of prayers. Prevailing prayer, Watching and praying, fasting, agreement.

I hope these notes are an encouragement and help to you. I hope you discover the joy of prayer and the closeness of relationship you develop with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I have included at the end the warriors prayer.

The Warrior’s Prayer.

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