• Praying for our nation

    We are in a critical season for our nation and I believe that God wants us to pray and intercede with fasting at this time.    In 2008 when we were praying in our fellowship group, the Lord led us to pray for our nation.    As we prayed,  we were led by the Holy Spirit to issue […]

  • Hidden Treasures

    I preached on Joseph a number of years ago and as part of that preach the Lord gave me 3 words.  The Lord has reminded me of those words now and so they may encourage you if you are currently in this season.  The first was that the wealth of the Egyptians and the treasures of darkness would […]

  • Being prepared & persevere

    This is a time for the body of Christ to wake up and get prepared.  To be like the wise virgins who had enough oil in their lamps and were ready when the bridegroom came.   We need spiritually to store up oil as without oil there is no light and without oil there is no fire.   We need […]

  • Rediscovering the fear of the Lord

    The early church prospered and walked in the fear of the Lord.   In Acts 9:31 it says “and walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit they were multiplied”.    We long to see new people coming to know Christ and finding salvation.  The Lord spoke to us earlier this year […]

  • Stourbridge – Living Water

    In 2004, we had a picture of people from all churches joining together to pray for the area.   We were pushing heavy gates and everyone had to push together.    The gates were like large sluice gates and water was stored up behind them.    As we all pushed the gates opened and water flooded in to revive the […]

  • Prayer Drive- Stourbridge

    We drove around our area praying and blessing our town of Stourbridge and the wider area.   We prayed for God’s will to be accomplished and we interceded against the works of darkness and evil influences on our town.    The prayer route took us from the Ring Road out on the Hagley Road and then up the Hagley Mile to the roundabout […]

  • Stourbridge – Wells of Living Water Part 1

    In July 2003 we were led as a group to pray for Stourbridge and the churches in Stourbridge.    We prayed for wells of living water to spring up and we had a picture of people coming from far and wide to Stourbridge.  Stourbridge was like a beacon of light drawing people to Christ.   We prayed […]

  • Prayers for Stourbridge

    I am going to share in a series of posts some of the prayers and words for Stourbridge which we have prayed over the years.   We believe that Stourbridge is a key place in the Black Country and that there is to be a move of God’s Spirit in Stourbridge which will bring many people to […]

  • Prayer at Dudley Castle part 3

    Prayers at Dudley Castle -part 2. We made the prayerful declaration from the castle walls that Rivers of new life will flow from Dudley into the Black Country, other regions and the nation to bring salvation, healing and restoration.    We declared from Isaiah.   Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. […]

  • Prayers at Dudley Castle -part 2

    Prayers at Dudley CastleAs we walked into Dudley Castle we sang that old song – Therefore the redeemed of the Lord shall return and come with singing unto Zion. Everlasting joy will be upon their head. They shall obtain gladness and joy and sadness will fall away. We pray that this will be true for […]