Category: Second Coming

  • Gates – The Inspection Gate

    This is the last in my series of posts on the Gates. I will include a link to all of them on a separate post as well for ease if you haven’t seen or had chance to read the others. The Miphkad Gate or The inspection Gate The bible teach us that Jesus is coming back […]

  • The Valley of Decision

    As we enter into Holy Week, I want to re-post this for those who don’t yet know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. I urge you – Please don’t leave it too late to choose to accept and follow Jesus. If you are in that valley of decision, then I pray that this Easter, the reason […]

  • The Ruler’s Sceptre

    I have been thinking about sceptres recently and what they symbolise. Most definitions describe a sceptre as a rod or staff used by a sovereign ruler as a symbol of their authority and power. In the story of Esther, we read that she dresses herself in her royal robes and goes to the King’s throne […]

  • The White Horse

    Following my recent post on The Cloud of His Glory I was reminded of one of my posts from a while ago which is about the white horse which Jesus our Lord and King rides in John’s vision in the book of Revelation. You can read that post here The Heavenly Steed. It’s an encouragement […]

  • A day of trouble

    This post follows on from the post which I did recently called the Time of Separation. The Lord has been speaking to me about a Day of trouble which draws near. A trouble such that the world has not yet known. God’s Prophets have foretold of a day referred to as the Day of the […]

  • False Manifestations…Watchmen Arise

    You will hear a rumour or a word that “The Lord is there ” – Jehovah Shammah”  but the Lord says do not be fooled. This morning the Lord impressed this word to me: The Lord says that in the past many have run after the manifestations of the Holy Spirit because of a deep […]